Grooming Program

Training Program

Credential(s) Offered

Industry certification, Measurable skills gain

Method of Delivery

Online, e-learning, or distance learning

When offered

Daytime Hours, Evening Hours, Weekends

Instructional Program (CIP)

Dog/Pet/Animal Grooming. 010504


Becoming a dog groomer begins with learning how to use various pet grooming tools. Our curriculum also teaches you how to safely groom both dogs and cats while maintaining a calm, relaxing environment.

As a student enrolled in ABC’s dog groomer course, you’ll receive a complete grooming toolkit. These 40 professional grooming tools include: clippers, blades, shears, brushes, combs, shampoo, conditioner and more. This high-quality equipment is essential for every groomer’s toolbox and can be used when you start your new career.

Our pet grooming certification program wouldn’t be complete without the essential hands-on training component. Once you finish the online dog grooming portion of this program, you’ll have the unique opportunity to work with professional dog groomers. You’ll be able to apply everything you’ve learned up to this point to complete a full groom on your own.


Program Length (Weeks)




Entrance Requirements

High School Diploma or Equivalent


Animal Behavior College

WIOA Approved Program


Training Location(s)

distance learning

Name of Credential

Animal Behavior College Certified Pet Groomer (ABCPG)

Type of financial aid offered or have access to


Refund Policy

Any refund shall be determined by a) the dollar amount paid
for tuition, b) the number of stages not yet completed and c) any amount owed for Study Materials never received or any amount
owed for Study Materials returned in new, unopened condition. 

Is the proposed curriculum currently certified by an accrediting agency or similar national standardization program?


Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for women?


Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for men?


Cost Items

Books (Estimated)


In-State/District Tuition


Other Fees

$154.00 Technology fee $100 and shipping fee $54

Out-of-State/District Tuition


Registration Fee


Supplies/Materials/Hand Tools (not included in tuition)


Total In-State Program Cost


Total Out-of-State Program Cost


Demand Occupation(s)

39-2021.00Animal Caretakers
$0.00 per hour

Provider Status



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(661) 964-1057

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