Bakery Staff

at La Panciata in Northfield, Vermont, United States

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              Being one of the hard-working Bakery Staff at La Panciata Bakery requires having a positive attitude, a strong desire to learn and the ability to work as part of a team every day.  Your role shaping dough, panning shaped loaves, covering pans and organizing them on racks to rise and un-panning the baked breads so that they can cool makes the work you do essential to the production of the breads we make each day.  Keeping a clean and organized work area helps make the final cleaning tasks at the end of the day easier.  Being successful on this team hinges on being able to learn form others and sharing your knowledge with the team.  The hard work you will be doing daily is on your feet and in a hot environment. So you will need to be prepared to work in an environment that is like a hot summer day year round.  If working on a team making the best Italian breads in Vermont brings a smile to your face, stop on by and apply for one of our Bakery Staff positions.     





              In the bakery staff position our success is quite literally in your hands.  You will be shaping, handling and un-panning breads every day, to produce the best Italian bread products in Vermont!  It takes a positive, hard working team to produce thousands of loaves of bread each day.  The pride you take in your work shows all the way to the customer eating the product. 


              Attention to detail is very important in the day to day work you will be preforming.   Making sure the bench is free of any dough from the product you were just working with before moving to the next product.  Checking pans to ensure that they are nice and clean before placing dough into them and making sure that the dividers used with some breads are lightly greased before using them and just a few of the details you will need to keep an eye on.  


              Being aware of your environment is one of the key components to a successful team.  You will be busy working with each of the doughs that make up our products.  While your working though many other things are happening around you.  When you are aware of your surroundings you will know exactly when is the right time to shift gears and move over to un-panning breads and put them on the cooling racks.  Being aware of what is going on also makes it easier to learn the order in which breads are produced and what changes in the environment alter what happens next.


              Having a strong desire to learn will make your work days fun and exciting!  Shaping dough, putting it in pans and then taking the baked bread out of the pans just scratches the surface of what is actually being done.  You will have the opportunity to learn how different dough hydrations change how the dough is handled.  How the pressure you apply to the dough and how tight the dough is rolled changes the end product.  You will also see and be able to learn how hotter room temperatures and more humidity does to the dough and what you can do to compensate for undesired environment variables, and how to take advantage of the ones that suite the needs of the team that day.  We even have a few machines in the bakery to make the work done each day easier.  There is a lot to learn with the machines as well.  From what they do, to how to change settings and different component to get the most out of them and to produce the best end product you can.


              Just think working as part of the bakery staff at La Panciata bakery you will be part of the team that makes high quality bread products that feed thousands of people in Vermont and parts of New Hampshire every week.  You can also take pride in knowing that the extra bread you make that does not go into orders makes it’s way into many donations that help those in need and to support charitable community events.  You become an important part of the community by being on our baking team.

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Posted On: Jul 01, 2022

Updated On: Jul 01, 2022